The new buildings: Typical of the DomRömer Quarter

The new buildings: Typical of the DomRömer Quarter

New but not too modern. Inspired by history, but not old-fashioned. Cosy, high quality, individual and yet homogeneous in their entirety. Typical Frankfurt, typical old town, typical DomRömer Quarter. Quite stiff demands were laid down for the 20 new buildings being constructed up to 2017 in the DomRömer Quarter in the heart of the city.

For a number of reasons it was not possible to build all the houses in the new DomRömer Quarter exactly to match their historical models. Very high standards were therefore developed for these new houses. When selecting the architectural designs, special attention was paid to making sure they fitted in with the historical reconstructions. The new buildings now blend harmoniously into the development as a whole, and, as stipulated in the design specifications, incorporate features from the historical buildings such as the red or yellow River Main sandstone ground floor façades. But the new houses are quite recognisably contemporary buildings from the 21st century. 20 characteristic new houses are being created on the basis of typical old Frankfurt buildings and offer homes that will be both a pleasure to live in or look at when, in 2017, visitors stroll through the new DomRömer Quarter.

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